HITS Process

Evolve Your Documents

Digital Document Imaging is the Wave of the Future with the HITS Process


When we convert your paper files to digital format, the records go through a number of specialized processes for preparing, tracking, scanning and storage. HITS stores the files in our secure on-site warehouse until completion of the document conversion process.

  1. Check-InHITS has an extensive process, using an in-house developed record tracking application. If files have barcodes it eliminate the need for manual key entry and allows for faster a check-in.
  2. Preparation Staples & paper clips must be removed, small paper must be taped down, perforated pages must be separated and all paperwork must be kept in order. Some files require number stamping or additional document separation sheets.
  3. Scanning The prepped files are then converted into a digital format for easy storage and accessibility. HITS has several types of scanners available to convert all range of documents, from receipts to large format blueprints.
  4. Quality Control When we QC the files, we must make sure they were scanned straight and that the contrast is right in order to read or print.
  5. Indexing In order to access the files, data is indexed under Name, MR Number, Date, Item Number, Loan Number, or by any of your specialized criteria that make it easiest to identify your records.
  6. Multi-Format Support The scanned images can be converted to many different computer-compatible file formats, such as TIFF, PDF, JPEG, PNG, etc. Index and other metadata can also be provided in multiple formats, as required by your individual application.
  7. Media CreationThe images and data are transferred to CD/DVD/HardDisk. All files are easily accessed and can be saved for future access by multiple users eliminating the need for a permanent file area.
  8. Secure Destruction HITS can provide secure and certified destruction of all the paper records as part of your total document conversion project or simply return them to you.

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